• Expensive Simplicity

    Bravo! In our online shop there is a new arrival of new clothing collection made in Italy! Our designers refuse from banal concepts and create laconic silhouettes, use an oversize style and ultrafashionable versatile stripes. Uneven stripes in different variations woven in linen blend fabric – this is a breakthrough in fashion!

  • Maximum Feminity!

    Androgyny is not fashionable anymore! Today femininity and eco-chic is trendy! In summer 2017 designers from Linit brand have paid special attention to maxi skirts as it is a maxi skirt that especially flatters the subtle female nature of its owner.

  • Design defines everything!

    Linit clothing belongs to a “smart” fashion where every element is thought through to the smallest detail. To create a perfect silhouette our designers work out proportions more thoroughly. Each model at production is tried on a particular woman. Flawless comfort is achieved due to precisely verified lines which help to reach an ideal shape. How do we do this?

  • The phenomenon of linen

    In 1851 at the World London exhibition a linen handkerchief with lace that weighed only 56 grams was sold for 725 grams of gold! And this is not surprising. The gentle touch of linen to skin can be compared with the touch of the hands of a beloved one, tenderness of a warm wind, a soft kiss of the sun and the whisper of herbs. Linen represents the earliest history of our ancestors and at the same time it is the fabric of the future. Designers of Linit brand note that linen has conquered the fashion market and is experiencing its triumph nowadays!

  • Linit Collections

    A result of combination of fashion, design and high quality acquire a special significant due to innovation ideas of realization and high-technologic and natural materials.

  • Denuding shoulders in autumn!

    We boldly denude arms and shoulders not only in summer but also in autumn.

  • Why shop from us?

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